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We are inspired by the positive impact the Walkway and the Ambassador Program have on our lives and our community and we know after we share our story, you will be too. Please show your support with a generous year end gift.

As they stand watch, assist a disabled visitor, lead a group of school children or aid in Walkway’s community programming throughout the year, the compelling tales of our Walkway Ambassadors in their proud red vests go largely untold. They are volunteers after all; people who give of themselves without expectation of compensation and yet feel so richly rewarded personally that they keep coming back day after day, month after month, and year after year to serve the Walkway. Your year end gift will help support the Walkway Ambassador Program and other important Walkway programs.



“The Walkway saved my life.”
Don Cady, one of the Walkway’s most gregarious and longest serving Ambassadors, doesn’t mince words when summing up his Walkway experience. “The Walkway saved my life!”  Don credits his service to others as a Walkway Ambassador and the camaraderie with other volunteers with giving him something bigger than himself to live for after surviving cancer.



“Giving keeps me going.”
Barbara Davis has been quietly coming into the Walkway office week after week for the last four years to help staff handle the paperwork (and cyberwork) that comes with running a bustling nonprofit organization. Her infectious smile and youthful attitude seem to say: Who’s a senior? Barbara has found a home at the Walkway where “giving keeps me going.”




“We have an office in the sky!”
Chris Rohrbach and Kathy Smith achieved personal success and notoriety during their careers at IBM. When retirement beckoned, these two talented intellects chose to spend much of their free time as Walkway Ambassadors. “We found a new kind of retirement,” Chris and Kathy say of their contributions, which have included the development of the Mobile Web Tour and the recently launched Walkway App (available on iPhone and Android). “We have an office in the sky!”


Please continue your legacy in the Walkway story with a generous year end gift. Although Ambassadors donate their time and talent, it still takes a significant annual commitment of resources to recruit, train, equip and maintain this remarkable team of volunteers. We need your help to keep them doing what they do best: Being the face of Walkway Over the Hudson

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