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The nonprofit group Walkway Over the Hudson provides vital support for Walkway State Park, which is operated by New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation.

Since opening to the public in 2009, more than a million visitors have strolled, cycled, hiked, jogged, and roller-bladed over the Walkway’s mighty steel trusses. They come from the communities of the Hudson Valley, from throughout New York State, and from around the world. Many visit over and over again, captivated by the Walkway’s sweeping views of the picturesque Hudson River Valley and the special camaraderie that visitors share in this uncomplicated, pleasant place. An unsurpassed tourism magnet and economic development engine, Walkway Over the Hudson State Park bridges more than just two shores. At every turn—from its historic construction in 1888 to its remarkable transformation and its subsequent success as one of New York’s most popular new parks—the Walkway has demonstrated the power of ingenuity, collaboration, and perseverance. It is truly an American icon, preserving the best of our history, our culture, and our spirit.

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