A perfect day for Walktoberfest

Windfall Farms brought a host of products and produce from their farm in Montgomery.

By Mark Reynolds/Times Hudson Valley Media

There are fall days in the Northeast that are just perfect; when the temperature, the sun and all other factors slip into place, it is a magical day. It happened at this year’s special two-day celebration known as Walktoberfest that was held on the Hudson Valley Rail Trail, just west of the Walkway Over the Hudson in Highland.

The event bought together a mix of about 200 vendors, selling food, home ground coffee, wines, pickles, honey, cheeses, Caribbean food and BBQ, along with produce from a number of area farms and a wide variety of creative craft people selling their wares, musicians, bakers, and even one vendor who brought his pet anaconda and other snakes.

Eric Norberg is a member of the planning committee for Walktoberfest.

“It’s mutual effort between the Rail Trail and Walkway Over the Hudson and it’s all about coordination, volunteerism and getting everybody out here to set things up,” he said. “In a few years it’s amazing how it has blossomed; it’s about good weather and good timing and planning and social media. It’s been a perfect storm having this all come together.”

Walkway’s Director of Special Events Jami Anson says Walktoberfest is a joyful event.

“I think it’s a beautiful weekend and the vendors are thrilled with being out and showing off the best of the Hudson Valley,” she said. “It’s just a happy event and everybody is enjoying themselves.”

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