Rails Above The Hudson River: A Photographic Trip Through History


By John Ham and Roger Liller

320 pages. Hardcover.

You’ve seen the views. Now know the story.

Over the years, significant detailed written histories of the different railroads leading to the completion of the great Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge have been published by noted authors and railroad historians.  In this publication, the authors have tried to tie all this together into a single, heavily  illustrated book that takes you along the way from the great yards at Maybrook, New York, across the Hudson to Connecticut’s capitol city of Hartford and to the Cedar Hill Yards at New Haven.

A short narrative of significant historic subject matter precedes sections of the book that includes more than 100 different station stops along the way.  The authors have worked diligently to gather more than 600 quality photographs (many in color), maps, passes and timetables with each photograph having a descriptive caption to help tell the story.

The legacy of  the Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge lives on today as Walkway Over the Hudson – a New York State park and the world’s longest elevated pedestrian bridge.

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