Once In A Lifetime!

Saturday, August 24

Ride Begins: 10 a.m.

Questions: 845-454-9649 /

SkyRide Frequently Asked Questions

For specific questions, please 845-454-9649 ext. 106.

Will the Walkway Over the Hudson be open during this event?

For safety of everyone, Walkway Over the Hudson will be closed to the general public until approximately 1 p.m. on Saturday, August 24.

Will the Hudson Valley Rail Trail be open during this event?
For safety of everyone, the Hudson Valley Rail Trail will be closed from 101 New Paltz Road in Highland for 2.1 miles to the Walkway Over the Hudson from until approximately 12 p.m. on Saturday, August 24.

Are there road closures during this event?
For safety, there will be law enforcement checkpoints guiding the SkyRide across the Walkway Over the Hudson, through the City of Poughkeepsie, over the Mid-Hudson Bridge, and on Route 9W in Ulster County. Roads will be closed and traffic diverted at the sole discretion of local municipalities.

What happens if it rains?
SkyRide will proceed rain or shine. There is no rain date for SkyRide, however the ride may be delayed based on weather conditions along the route.

Are there spectators allowed on the Walkway Over the Hudson during the SkyRide?
Yes! 400 spectators will be allowed on the Walkway Over the Hudson for an amazing view of the SkyRide. All spectators will be in secure, designated areas in the Walkway’s bump-outs. All spectators with a valid ticket must be in place at 9:30 a.m., 30 minutes prior to the start of SkyRide. Coolers, large bags, and strollers are prohibited.

Purchase your spectator tickets today.

Can spectators come to Motorcyclepedia Museum for the after-ride celebration?
Your spectator ticket allows you a spectacular view of the entire SkyRide as it goes across Walkway Over the Hudson and a free day of pass into the post-ride celebration at Motorcyclepedia (including complimentary admission to the museum).

Is there special pricing for children?
Children 10 and under are free with proper registration. Strollers are prohibited.

What if I need wheelchair access?
Please contact us at and we will make arrangements to have accessible transportation to and from designated accessible viewing areas.

Can I bring my pets?
For the safety of all riders, spectators, and animals, no pets will be allowed on the Walkway Over the Hudson during this event.

What if I don’t have access to a printer to print out my tickets?
If you have a smartphone, you can show your email confirmation with the QR code or barcode to be scanned at the SkyRide entrance. If you don’t have a smartphone, please bring your ID to the check-in/registration tables for on-site ticketing.

What if I want to purchase tickets for other people? Is it a problem that my name will be on all of the tickets?
Each ticket/registration has a unique barcode; therefore tickets with the same name are still valid. If you have sent payment in through the mail, you will receive an email with confirmation. Just show email (in print or on phone). If you did not receive an email, contact us at or 845-454-9649 ext. 106.

Help! I didn’t receive my confirmation email.
On the day of the SkyRide, please bring your ID to the registration/admission area and we can look up your ticket order. Prior to the event, you can also email or call 845-454-9649 for assistance.

What happens in the event of an emergency?
MobileLife Support Services will be on-site to assist. Simply contact a member of local law enforcement, Walkway staff, or New York State Parks staff to seek attention.

Are there restrooms available?
Both the East and West approach of the Walkway Over the Hudson are equipped with restroom facilities. During the event, there will be a secure area with portable toilets for spectators.

If I am unable to attend can I get a refund?
No, we do not offer refunds.

What if I pre-registered but didn’t receive an email to confirm my payment?
Please check your spam folder for an email from Walkway Over the Hudson (SkyRide)
Also check your PayPal email address, if it’s different from the one you entered on the pre-registration form. If you still don’t find an email(s), contact us at or 845-454-9649.

Will I receive a registration packet in the mail if I pre-register?
No. You’ll receive a payment receipt and an email from SkyRide stating that you’ve registered. The registration team will also have your pre-printed registration form at your designated registration location.

What if I pre-register but change my mind about joining the SkyRide?
There are no refunds after purchase. Contact us if you need to make changes to your registration. Changes can be made until pre-registration closes.

As one of the motorcyclists, what do I need to do at the location where I start the SkyRide?
Have the following documents with you to present at registration: 
 a valid driver’s license, a valid vehicle registration, and proof of valid insurance.

1. Review your registration form to confirm the information is correct.

2. Sign your registration waiver.

3. We strongly suggest you complete the emergency contact form and carry that with you on the ride.

4. Pick up a packet, t-shirt, wristband and other information.

5. Have your legally required equipment (i.e. helmet).

What do I need to do if my passenger is under 18?
The minor release form needs to be completed prior to the ride if your passenger is below the age of 18. If you’re not the parent/guardian of the minor, you need to present a signed and notarized letter stating you have permission to take the minor on the SkyRide. This letter must include the name, address and phone number of the parent(s) and the dates the minor will be riding.

I understand there is an oil drip station - what is that?

To ensure the Walkway and local trails remain clean and free of oil, your bike will go over a 
white tarp. Following the drip test, we will then hand you a cardboard square to place under your bike while you are waiting for the ride to commence.

Will there be restrooms, garbage cans, and breakfast trucks along the Hudson Valley Trail?

How do I reserve a riding spot in the pack?
There are no reservations of riding spots in the pack. We ride two columns, side-by-side when parked and staggered as the law and conditions allow. If you want to ride near someone, ride in front or behind them rather than to their side, as those positions will adjust if riders fall out of formation. If you want to ride with your club - then meet at an offsite location prior to coming to the start location and then proceed as a group to the start.

How does the “pack” for SkyRide enter the main road and highway(s)?
Route 9W is a very clean ride to our end location. Local and state authorities aid our entrance onto the highways. The lead element slowly enters the highway and maintains a slow speed until the last vehicle reports he/she is on the highway. The Route Coordinator/Pace Team then slowly increases speed in small increments and communicates this to the Assistant Route Coordinator leading the 1st Platoon, who slowly brings the pack up to the assigned speed. The group leaders will then follow suit and are responsible for maintaining the proper distance. There is no reason to ride faster than the speed limit. Follow these guidelines and the platoons will bring you up to speed properly and reduce “rubberbanding.” The end of the ride will be followed by VIPs and a tail team with a chase car.

What skills are needed to ride with the “pack” SkyRide?
Riding with the pack requires good riding skills, to ensure you’re a competent and safe rider. Courses such as the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Experienced (Advanced) Rider’s Course will help you sharpen your existing skills. 

How fast does the SkyRide “pack” ride?
Within the Hudson Valley Rail Trail and Walkway Over the Hudson, a speed of 15-20 mph is maintained. Once on public roads, follow the guidance of your front pace team. A general guideline on public roads for a motorcycle ride is that the SkyRide “pack” will ride about five miles per hour below the posted speed limit and sometimes less.

Do I have to ride a certain brand of bike?
No. All bikes are welcome as long as they’re safe, licensed and insured in accordance with your state’s laws. Prepare your bike for a ride of approximately 25 miles from the starting point.

I own a Polaris Slingshot. Can I ride?
SkyRide’s official policy on Polaris Slingshot’s is that these vehicles are the size of and essentially a “small car”. You are welcome to participate in SkyRide, however, you must ride/drive behind the Last Man Vehicle. You cannot ride/drive this vehicle in the Trike Platoon(s). This policy does not pertain to motorcycles with sidecars. Motorcycles with sidecars can ride with the Trike platoon(s).

Can my dog (with the legal equipment of Helmet and goggles) ride in a side car?
Yes, as long as the equipment is installed and you are prepared to take care of your pet during 
and after the ride. Please expect a lot of photos from spectators.

Can I ride with the SkyRide in my car or truck?
Only motorcycles will be allowed on the Hudson Valley Rail Trail and the Walkway Over the Hudson.Personal vehicles can travel a few miles ahead or behind the SkyRide “pack” but will not intermingle with the pack at any time and meet up with the group at the conclusion of the ride. If you would like to follow the end of the ride, we suggest to wait at Hannaford's plaza. Law enforcement will allow motor vehicle traffic to follow once the motorcycles finish passing the Hannaford plaza then your vehicle can follow. If you would like 
to enter the event at Motorcyclepedia, you will be guided to a designated parking area and asked to purchase an event ticket.