Spectrum News: Tickets selling fast to watch Poughkeepsie fireworks at Walkway Over The Hudson

The City of Poughkeepsie will host fireworks Wednesday, and the Walkway Over The Hudson could be a prime place to watch them.

Fireworks will go off on a barge on the Hudson River, between the Mid-Hudson Bridge and the Walkway. The Walkway hosts up to 3,000 viewers each year, and they’ve done this for the past eight years.

The Walkway will close Wednesday afternoon to clear out the site for the ticket holders coming in during the evening. Those who have gone to the fireworks before or have been part of the planning say it’s going to be fun for the community.

“A lot of other businesses do sponsor the fireworks as well as the Walkway. So the community comes together to pay for the fireworks, the public comes together to watch them. The Walkway comes together with our partners to provide this great setting. So just join us. Come and be a part of it,” said Walkway Over The Hudson Executive Director¬†Elizabeth Waldstein-Hart.