Children's Explorer Program

Become A Walkway Explorer!

Engaging, educational activities for individuals, scouts, school trips, team outings, birthday parties, and more!

The Walkway Explorer program includes two booklets, each geared towards younger and older children. It is designed to provide fun and educational activities that will enhance the Walkway experience for our younger visitors. This program is modeled after the National Parks Service Junior Rangers program and was created in collaboration with former educators.

The two booklets contain age-appropriate activities focused on learning topics including the environment, geography, and New York State history. Activities include scavenger hunts, quizzes, puzzles, and more! Potential Explorers can find the answers to all the questions at the east and west approaches and on signs along the Walkway. Upon completion of the program, students' booklets will be stamped and they will earn and a Walkway Explorer patch.

Booklets cost $3 and are available at the East Gate Plaza pavilion in Poughkeepsie and the West pavilion in Highland adjacent to the Walkway's gates. Pavilions are in operation seasonally from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting. In addition, books may be purchased and stamped at the Friends of the Walkway nonprofit organization's office located near the Walkway in Poughkeepsie. To make arrangements, please call 845-454-9649.

For more information about the Walkway Explorers program or to book an Explorer tour, please email tours@walkway.org.