Light The Path Forward: Illuminating The Future of Walkway Over the Hudson

Walkway Over the Hudson is a beacon for so many things.  The park showcases the glory of the Hudson Valley.  It’s a welcoming place for all to exercise, relax, recharge, and find peace regardless of mobility challenges. It beckons hundreds of thousands of people each year to learn about our region’s history, brings friends and neighbors together to enjoy one-of-a-kind community events, celebrates connections, champions causes, and so much more.

Through its opening in October 2009 until today, the Walkway has only been a shining light metaphorically speaking. But now, as we continue to strive to add amenities to the park that create exceptional experiences, we want to continue to illuminate the Walkway by installing environmentally friendly color-changing LED lights to our three overlooks.  These lights will make parts of the iconic Walkway structure visible even when the sun goes down, supporting not only nighttime activities on the bridge, but waterfront redevelopment in Poughkeepsie and Highland.

Learn more about this and other exciting initiatives at walkway.org/forward.