Senior fashion design students created special one-of-a-kind t-shirts relating to their capstone collections and donated them to the Friends of the Walkway.

Janelle Arnold

The inspiration for this garment was fireworks, and the different ways they shower color down into the night sky. Color is an influential part of my collection and my aesthetic as a designer. I wanted to bring a small explosion of color into this garment. I believe that color can be empowering and bring joy into a person’s life.

Ashlin Berger

My senior collection was inspired by the textile artist Vanessa Barragao. She creates tapestries and textile art using different methods of weaving and crocheting to achieve chaos and extreme texture in her work. By combining both chaotic prints with techniques of crocheting, knitting, and embroidering I am able to achieve the voluminous and chaotic texture that was originally inspired by Vanessa Barragao’s work.

Isabella Biagioli

The inspiration behind my senior collections is Japanese mythology. This screen-printed graphic is my depiction of Susano no Mikoto, who is the god of storms and seas in Japanese Mythology. This print was originally a woodblock print that I developed using laser cutting technology to transfer my illustration into the wood.

Briar Connors

My inspiration behind my senior collection is my artwork. I love to use art as a form of expression and to make abstract prints. I use spray-paint and acrylic pouring to make these abstract prints seen throughout my collection. In this garment, I used contrasting colors yellow and purple to spray paint this garment. This garment is personal to me because all my prints are one of a kind and hand painted combining art and design.

Madeline Dintino

My collection is about being of two minds: understanding the impact that fashion can have on people’s lives and society, while also choosing to pursue joy and whimsy and freedom. The collection is campy, colorful and textured, and has a lot to say. Sprinkled throughout are allusions to sports culture, comic books, and of course the drama of the gays and drag queens.

Elizabeth Ellms

My inspiration for my t-shirt relates back to space suits and most of the details that are incorporated into the construction of all the different suits. This inspiration is personal to me because I have always been intrigued by space and the moon.

Katrina Henry

For my senior collection “Take Flight”, I wanted to design a print that was abstract and simplistic that represented a feminine floral motif. The graphic is inspired by a topographical map that can also be translated as a floral design. Being that aviation is my collection inspiration, I wanted to incorporate both ideas into my garments to create a more personal print.

Kamryn Hill

My collection is inspired by Tokyo street style and the Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine in Tokyo, Japan. Overall my collection creates a feeling of happiness and self-expression by using many hand painted prints, sequins appliqué, vibrant colors, line face drawings, and unique embroidery details. On the back I painted the saying “Live Life in Color” a motto I believe everyone should live by an idea that is represented in the details of my overall collection.

Isabel Holden

My senior collection is a mix of three dimensional and two-dimensional optical illusions. I am also exploring an art technique called trompe l'oeil through fabric painting, which is defined as making a 2d object or surface appear three dimensional. With this, I combined my love for indigo dye and classic garments reworked.

Sara Kaseta

My collection is inspired by dance-wear and the awkward layering of the pieces that dancers wear. Dancers need to have clothing that is both transformable and warm for them to do their form of art. For my T-Shirt I transformed a basic long sleeve into a version of a sweatshirt I am creating for my collection. It includes drawstrings at the waist and knit sleeves with a touch of my print of the chest!

Marissa Keegan

This t-shirt is a culmination of selected graphics that I designed for my senior collection. Since my inspiration is boxing, I used an iconic poster and introduced some of my graphics layered on top. On the back of the t-shirt is the logo for my brand, “SPIRE”. SPIRE derives from the words “inspire” and “aspire” which drive my activewear collection. Aspire to inspire!

Maggie Kelly

My collection is inspired by Park Guell in Barcelona. Park Guell was built to be a mansion made entirely from Mosaic tiles. I have incorporated mosaic prints into my garments. I used iron on vinyl on my t-shirt to create a mosaic looking texture.

Julia Luff

My collection was inspired by the images taken by Frank Sutcliffe, a 19th century photographer who documented the culture of fishing villages in the North of England. Each fishing village developed their own unique stitch patterns that not only represent the people but each individual family. If a fisherman was lost at sea, the body could be identified by the pattern of seaman’s gansey. The ganseys were knitted in local Yorkshire wool.

Leandra Perelli

My inspiration behind this garment was to create something fun to exhibit that will be seen in my collection. It is mimicking the seam lines of what a corset would consist of, and features a ruffle detail made from one of the many fabrics! This is personal to me because the first piece I draped, developed, and created for my collection was a corset, and it is one of the many components and inspirations behind my senior collection.

Sarah Rexford

My senior collection inspiration is the Peanuts comics and its Characters. I chose this inspiration because comics were a large part of my childhood and is also an influential form of art for multiple generations. On the shirt I created a print that uses colors inspired from a different person in the comics, Snoopy surrounded by the colors of his friend in the comics come together to create my own abstract artistic interpretation of the original comics of Charles Shultz.

Finleigh Riendeau

A main aspect of my inspiration came from the technique of water marbling. I wanted to showcase a craft that one can master through practice, which is not to say I have perfected it. It was important to me to bring a slow, artisanal practice to my collection and highlight the importance of recognizing artisans who devote their lives to a specific craft at a time when society binges on homogeneous fast fashion.

Sierra Robinson

My t-shirt design is inspired by anti- anti-establishment and retro punk movement. The color yellow is used for bold and bright shock value.

Shana Salentine

My senior collection is inspired by the Eucalyptus tree. Their unique bark and leaves were a huge inspiration for all my prints, colors, and fabric in my collection. I am even using Organic Eucalyptus twill fabric that involves less emissions, energy, and water usage than other more conventional fabrics. I dyed my t-shirt orange with these eco, low impact dyes. I also screen printed my t-shirt with my Eucalyptus leaf design, illustrating the beauty of the Eucalyptus leaves’ shape and color.

Lobsang Tenzin

My collection is inspired from Tibet, where I come from. Identity plays an important role about who I am as a designer. I am proud of where I come from and to be able to communicate with people through design that it is a huge thing for me. I used a dyeing technique called ice-dye to create a unique print. I UV printed the “Dharma Wheel” symbol on the front of the t-shirt. Dharma symbol is sacred to Tibetan Buddhism and it is the oldest universal symbol for Buddhism.

Kristina Ultimo

My inspiration for my senior collection is Bioluminescence. Dubbed as the “language of the light,” the emitting of light is with a purpose. It is a survival mechanism used for defense, a racFon, and luring prey. This concept is what I found particularly intriguing in creating my collection, asking myself how can I make the light move?

Allison Windhausen

My collection is inspired by birds of paradise chanting mating rituals and their diversity across species. The sculptural silhouettes are based on the transformations made by the dancing birds, that are emphasized by vibrant textures and colors. The transformations are also depicted on the shirt in high contrast and in unexpected, almost hidden places.