#NationalVolunteerWeek – Thank You To Our Ambassadors!

Thank you to our Ambassadors and volunteers that have given their time and talent to make Walkway Over the Hudson the Friendliest Park In The World. These are the people that are manning our merchandise and information pavilions, giving guided tours, assisting New York State Parks, helping organize events, and so much more. We truly could not operate without them, and we can’t wait to have them back in the park as soon as it is safe to do so.

We’re especially grateful for all of the volunteers that have been with us for five years or more:

Angela Branche
Anita Jones
Barbara Davis
Brian Booth
Cathy Cronin
Christian Rohrbach
Colleen Hansen
Dale Prager
Daniel Jones, Jr.
Dawn Keefe
Don Cady
Dottie Stanszak
Ellen Pendegar
Fred Lux
Fred Schaeffer
Gary Gregson
Helen Gill
Irving Solero
Jenny Haggerty
Joan Weston
John Bickford
Johnny Vacca
Judi Lux
Judy Moran
Karl Koeller
Kathleen Smith
Ken Christian
Kevin Gallagher
Larry Scarborough
Lou Newman
Maureen Solero
Melody Mordock
Michele Dalbo
Nancy Gill
Nancy Hamlin
Norma Chang
Peggy Kremer
Phyllis Smith
Richard Coller
Robert Mortell
Robert Nasser
Roger Gill
Ronald Seeley
Rose Hewitt
Roseann Quist
Sandy Powell
Shirley Jubinsky
Thomas Bauer
Thomas Smith
Tommy Lepre
Tracey Covell
Virginia Bickford
Virginia Nasser
Linda Bauer
Mike Risinit
Jim Covell
Jim Weissman
Mike Myers
Anthony DeRienzo
Edie Stout
Malinda Mortell
Susan Polikoff
Margaret Haan
Peter Dutton
Dea Key
Judy Roseberg
Don Vinchkoski