This winter, help us honor Fred Schaeffer, original Walkway visionaries


As we celebrate our 10-year anniversary throughout 2020, there is no better time to recognize the trailblazing leadership of Fred Schaeffer and the dedicated team of people that transformed a derelict railroad bridge into the Walkway Over the Hudson – a park visited by nearly 600,000 people each year. 

Your support will allow us to dedicate permanent signage on the Walkway recognizing the amazing contributions of this group. We’ll forever showcase Fred Schaeffer on his iconic orange bicycle, camera close by, as well as officially recognize the volunteers and other leaders that, through their hard work, turned the Walkway from a dream into reality.

In addition to supporting Friends of Fred, all contributions enhance Walkway Over the Hudson’s mission to add amenities to the park, undertake capital construction projects, and provide engaging, family-friendly programming to the community.

While our tremendous partners with New York State Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation keep the bridge open and smoothly operating, it is the task of the Walkway Over the Hudson nonprofit organization to steward the attraction that means so much to the Hudson Valley region.

Nearly 90% of the Walkway organization’s operating budget is provided by support from our partners and generous supporters.

Thanks to foundation built by Fred Schaeffer and many others, we’ve accomplished so much together in our first ten years – just imagine what the next decade holds!

To join the Friends of Fred, visit walkway.org/donate.