Marist x Walkway: Hudson River Valley Bandana


This traditional-style paisley bandana, measuring 22in by 22in, is full of special details that celebrate the glory of the Hudson River Valley. In addition to the Walkway Over the Hudson around the edges and the prominent Marist ‘Script M’ logo, regional flora, fauna, and wildlife served as inspiration for designer Alexandria Conlin, a Marist College student.

Alexandria says: “I wanted to create a design that instead of stating awareness out front in writing, it would educate people in an intuitive way. I decided to create a bandana with the traditional paisley look and subtly express the message visually. I started by using an outline of the Walkway bridge with people walking or riding bikes on the bridge from the Walkway logo to border the graphic. After talking about environmental issues around the Hudson River with Dr. Klos and Dr. Holtsnider, two environmental professors from Marist, I wanted to incorporate some living things that were native to the Hudson River in the interior of the pattern. I included drawings of fish, crabs, and turtles that can be found in the Hudson Valley. I also wanted to include the scripted Marist “M” logo.”

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