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Members keep the Walkway vibrant. Your membership will help us improve programming, install bathrooms, picnic tables and more to keep the Walkway clean and exceptional.

Membership Levels

As a member, you will receive updates and information about the Walkway. In addition you will receive:
An Annual Membership Card which entitles you to:
  • 10% off Walkway Merchandise
  • Free admission to Moonwalks
  • A discount on tickets to the July 4th Fireworks Spectacular
All the privileges of a $40 membership plus
Benefits with our partners:
  • $1.00 off admission to the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum
  • 2 day-passes to Mohonk Preserve
  • A one-time 10% discount at the Historic Huguenot Museum Shop
All the privileges of a $75 membership plus
  • Invitations in advance of special Walkway events
All the privileges of a $100 membership plus
  • You will be listed in our Annual Report and will be invited to exclusive events
Includes special gifts such as a key chain or Walkway umbrella.
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