UGRR Nine Cross Walkway On Underground Railroad Cycling Tour

On July 27, we proudly welcomed the UGRR Nine to Walkway Over the Hudson as part of their cycling tour from Denton, Maryland to Ontario, Canada following the Underground Railroad trail blazed by Harriet Tubman.

Greeted by Walkway Ambassadors Dan and Anita Jones and members of our New York State Parks team, the UGRR Nine enjoyed a scenic morning ride across the World’s Longest Elevated Pedestrian Bridge before visiting our statue of Hudson Valley abolitionist Sojourner Truth adjacent to the Walkway’s west gate in Highland to learn more about her life and legacy. The group left with Walkway pins and sunglasses as souvenirs of their visit, and remarked that the views from the bridge were the best they’ve seen on their trip to date.

The cyclists hail from across the United States, but are bonded by a reverence for Harriet Tubman and the fight for freedom worldwide. Said UGRR Nine member Alex Williams, “Through our pilgrimage, we aim to inspire and raise awareness of Harriet Tubman’s profound enduring legacy and emphasize the timeless significant quest of freedom for all humankind.”