Ambassadors at Bannermans IslandThe Walkway Ambassador Volunteers are a vital part of the Walkway Over the Hudson, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.   They are a group of friendly, energized people who volunteer their time to assist the Walkway State Historic Park and enhance the visitor experience.   They are the welcoming faces of the Walkway who enjoy giving back to the community they live in.  They are engaged in various activities to provide on-site information, assist in special events, serve as docents for special interest groups and tours, support fundraising, and donate their varied skills and services - all that leave a happy lasting impression to our visitors!

The New York State recognized Walkway Ambassador Volunteer Program holds training forTour Guides Peggy and Jim new prospective volunteers seasonally.  The training requires two classes, 2 hours each plus an on-site tour.   There is a requirement of 50 volunteer hours per year.

If you have any questions please contact Michele Dalbo (mdalbo@walkway.org)

If you would like to support the Walkway but are unable to volunteer, please consider becoming a member.

Ambassadors on the Bridge

Thanks go to the trustees of the Jeannette Schlobach Charitable Trust, Michael Fleischer and Michael Dupree, James J. McCann Charitable Trust, the Cunneen Hackett Charitable Trust and IBM for making the Ambassador Program possible.



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