Walkway Among 10 Fun, Free Things To Do In The Hudson Valley

By Hazel Luna / The Travel

Nestled between the Catskill and Taconic Mountains, the Hudson Valley and its charming small towns offer visitors no lack of beautiful natural scenery and historic sites to explore. Originally, the region’s landscape was shaped by the Hudson River, which has long served as an important transportation artery. Along the eastern banks, visitors can walk across the Hudson on the Walkway Over the Hudson State Park, gaze at distant mountains from the Hudson River Skywalk, or explore riverside parks and preserves. Just inland lie historic river towns like Rhinebeck, Hyde Park, and Cold Spring, each with their own unique charms.

That said, New York isn’t known as one of the cheapest US states to visit, but those who know where to look will actually find affordable and even free activities in the Hudson Valley. From hiking trails with stunning vistas to quaint main streets nestled in the Hudson River’s hidden gem towns lined with antique shops, there are countless fun and free attractions in the Hudson Valley for every interest, perfect for travelers visiting Upstate New York on a budget.

Walkway Over the Hudson is a 1.28-mile elevated pedestrian walkway in Poughkeepsie that is one of the must-see attractions along the Hudson River because it offers spectacular panoramic views 212 feet over the said river. Once a railroad bridge, it now connects Poughkeepsie and Highland over the beautiful churning waters.

Open year-round, it’s ideal anytime for scenic walks, jogs, or bike rides while admiring the breathtaking vistas of the river valley. Visitors can take memorable photos from this Instagram-worthy spot, while benches and picnic areas provide areas to relax and soak it all up. The longest walkway over water in the world, it allows visitors to experience the valley’s natural beauty at their own pace, free of cost.

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