Walkway Featured In Dutchess Tourism “Zen Finder” Outdoor Experience

Vibrant sunsets on the horizon. The World’s Longest Elevated Pedestrian Bridge with sweeping, panoramic views of the Hudson River. Quiet trails welcome exploration and introspection. Close encounters with butterflies and wildflowers. This is the kind of nature-inspired rejuvenation that can only be found in New York’s Hudson Valley. In Dutchess County and on Walkway Over the Hudson, the outdoors invites visitors to unwind, discover, and exhale.

Find your moments of peace with the Zen Finder, a mobile passport program featuring some of the best hidden-gem trails, fresh air activities, and captivating views in a curated itinerary of outdoor highlights. And when you check in at five or more sites (including the Walkway!), you’re eligible for awesome prizes.

To learn more, visit dutchesstourism.com/zen-finder