Walkway Featured on Think Local, Act Global Web Series

The fourth installment of Think Global. Act Local., spotlights Lori Robertson, Executive Director of the Walkway Over The Hudson. Far more than a scenic bridge, the Walkway serves as a community beacon, illuminating the power of collective action and shared spaces in the Hudson Valley.

Robertson explains the symbiotic relationship between the Walkway Over The Hudson and the community it serves. From hosting heart-pumping fundraisers with the American Heart Association to serving as the stage for signature events, the Walkway is not just a pathway—it is a platform for philanthropy and social impact.

This community landmark thrives on the very community it uplifts. Robertson discusses the indispensable role of volunteers who pour their time and energy into maintaining this iconic space. It is a two-way street of giving and receiving, making the Walkway a living example of community synergy.

The Walkway Over The Hudson encapsulates the same ethos of community engagement and mutual support that program presenters and longtime Walkway supporters Royal Carting and Welsh Sanitation strive for. They are not just connecting points A and B; they are connecting people, causes, and communities.

In this episode, you will gain a richer understanding of how the Walkway Over The Hudson serves as a community asset. By featuring local leaders like Lori Robertson, we continue to highlight the inspiring initiatives and grassroots efforts that are shaping the Hudson Valley for the better.