Walkway Supporting Family Services 50 Meaningful Miles Campaign

On a remarkable journey of hope and resilience, Family Services CEO Leah Feldman will run 50 Meaningful Miles in partnership with Walkway Over the Hudson.

On September 30th, Family Services CEO Leah Feldman will take on the challenge of running 50 miles, symbolizing the journey that many face overcoming challenges and reaching the finish line of healing and hope, with the support of community. This inspiring feat is not only a personal challenge for Leah but also a powerful message of solidarity for those supported by Family Services

Feldman’s journey will take place in partnership with Walkway Over the Hudson, an iconic landmark that spans the Hudson River and symbolizes connection, strength, and unity. The collaboration hopes to highlight the important link that exists between physical and mental health and the benefits of spending time in nature. Feldman’s run will journey from the Walkway to the Sky Top Tower at the Mohonk Mountain House, two iconic fixtures in the Hudson Valley, which symbolize hope, beauty, and a steep climb, which can only be achieved with courage, resilience, and the help of others. The event aims to raise $50,000 for Family Services to elevate the community and provide vital services to those who need them the most.

In support of Family Services’ 50 Meaningful Miles campaign, Walkway is hosting weekly run/walk meetups in the park on Saturdays at 9 a.m. from August 19 through September 23. These meetups are free and a great way to make new connections and improve your mental and physical health by connecting with nature while being surrounded by supportive people. They are open to all ages and ability levels, and a great opportunity for individuals and teams to support the campaign.

“I stand alongside the brave individuals who, with strength and resilience, navigate their own ’50 miles’ in life,” says Leah Feldman, CEO of Family Services. “This run is a testament to the courage of survivors, the potential of our youth, and the hope we offer to every individual, child, and family that seeks our support.” 

“Walkway Over the Hudson is proud to support Family Services in its quest to raise awareness of those struggling with mental health challenges within our communities,” said Lori Robertson, Executive Director, Friends of the Walkway nonprofit organization. “Spending time outdoors is a powerful tool in the battle against mental health challenges. We encourage everyone to visit the Walkway Over the Hudson and complete some meaningful miles of their own. Plus, with inspiring views you can’t find anywhere else, it’s the perfect spot for a post-workout selfie!” 

Through this extraordinary run, Feldman will share 50 stories of strength, courage, and resilience that have inspired her throughout her journey at Family Services. Each step will represent a narrative of triumph over adversity, a reminder that no one walks alone, and a promise of unwavering support. In addition to sharing stories, Feldman is encouraging the community to join her in this challenge by committing to run or walk 50 miles throughout the month of September. Individuals can create teams of support, join an existing team, and help raise money by visiting: familyservicesny.org.