When Temperatures Rise, The Walkway May Be Unsafe For Your Pets

When the “feels like” temperature in the Hudson Valley exceeds 90 degrees, the Walkway may be unsafe for your pets. The concrete can burn their paws.

Because the Walkway deck receives direct sunlight, it is significantly hotter than the air. Throughout the day, New York State Parks staff monitors the temperature of the surface. When it’s too hot, signage is posted instructing patrons not to bring their pets onto the Walkway.

To supplement the posted warnings, there is an easy way to determine if the bridge might harm your furry friend. Simply find a sunny spot on the pavement and place your hand there for 20 seconds. If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your pet.

If you still want to enjoy the World’s Longest Elevated Pedestrian Bridge with your favorite four-legged companion this summer, consider pushing them along in a stroller or wagon, or give them a lift in a backpack or with your arms. Anything to keep their unprotected paws off the hot surface.

On summer days in which it is safe to bring your pets onto the Walkway for a stroll, please remember to keep them on a leash at all times and bring lots of water for them to drink. The bridge is 1.28 miles across from gate to gate. Also, don’t forget to stop and pick up a complimentary pet waste bag or two available at every park entrance. It is up to each Walkway user to pick up after their pet and keep the Walkway clean.