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Walkway Over the Hudson is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and improving Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park, which spans the Hudson River between the Town of Lloyd (Ulster County) and the City of Poughkeepsie (Dutchess County.) After forming a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 1992, the Walkway organization’s original mission was to transform the long abandoned Poughkeepsie-Highland Railroad Bridge into a linear park traversing the Hudson River. With the help of many public and private partners that dream was realized in October, 2009, when Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park opened to great fanfare and public acclaim. Since then the Walkway organization has adopted a new mission: to support and improve the remarkable Park it once created. As a “friends group” working in partnership with New York State Parks, the Walkway organization works year around to raise funds to support projects that enhance Walkway State Park and the regional trails system it connects to. The organization also oversees programming and events designed to share the Park’s rich cultural and recreational attributes with nearly 500,000 visitors annually. It recruits, trains, equips and manages the Walkway’s Volunteer Ambassador corps, a group of more than 125 volunteers from communities in Ulster and Dutchess counties. The Ambassadors provide an array of services at the Park, from serving as tour guides for the hundreds of school and tourist groups that visit the Park annually to providing assistance to the Park’s elderly and disabled visitors. And the Walkway organization provides programming, events, and educational and cultural enrichment opportunities for its over 1,200 members, who provide an engaged base of support for the organization. As part of its ongoing public outreach in support of the Park, the Walkway organization shares information about the Park with more than 45,000 “friends” on its Facebook page and publishes a monthly newsletter that is sent to more than 14,000 people who have contributed to the organization in one way or another.

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