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Knox's Headquarters

  • 30 miles south of Poughkeepsie/Highland
  • Forge Hill Road, Vails Gate, NY 12584, 845-561-5498 www.palisadesparksconservancy.org
  • From 1779 to 1783, some of the Continental Army's highest ranking generals made their headquarters at Jonathan Ellison's comfortable stone house in Vails Gate.
  • Major General Henry Knox, Commander of the army's artillery, lived here with his family while overseeing the artillery's preparations before the decisive battle at Yorktown, Virginia.
  • When the army returned to New York, Major-General Gates oversaw its encampment at New Windsor Cantonment and participated in the plot to turn the Continental Army against Congress, known to history as the Newburgh Addresses.
  • The house is furnished to reflect the Ellison's residence as well as the military headquarters
  • A trail leads to the remains of the family's 18th century mill