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Schuyler Mansion

  • 32 Catherine Street, Albany, NY 12202, 518-434-0834
  • At the beginning of the war, the British planned to divide the American colonies by occupying New York, and in 1777, they launched a three-pronged attack that targeted Albany
  • Philip Schuyler, a descendent of one of Albany's most powerful Dutch families, was appointed one of four major generals by the Continental Congress. He was charged with defending northern New York
  • When Fort Ticonderoga fell to the British, Schuyler was charged with negligence and abruptly replaced with General Horatio Gates, who proceeded to capture the British Army at Saratoga
  • Schuyler demanded a court martial to clear his name and was vindicated, but he left the army in 1779
  • The site's visitor center introduces you to the Schuyler family , and their elegant 18th-century, Georgian style mansion reveals their wealth and influence in colonial New York